Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brunchies - Chandler, AZ

Breakfast - 3/21/13

Won't be back! I was looking for a decent breakfast spot near my first store audit and did a quick Google search. Brunchies was highly rated, so I figured I'd stop in and give it a try. I was seated immediately and began looking through the menu. The server told me of their daily special meal, "The Arizona Skillet". It had chicken, eggs, onions, avocado, peppers, and a few other ingredients. It sounded good, so I ordered it.

The watched as the server interacted with other patrons and found his attitude to be pretty cocky and immature. I don't normally blog about the staff unless the experience was over the top or surprisingly bad. In this case, I was not a fan of this guy.

I ordered a cinnamon roll with the skillet breakfast because it said it was freshly made. I'm glad I did...not because the roll was impressive, but because of how long I had to wait for my breakfast. After 45 minutes of waiting for the "special of the day", I left the money for the cinnamon roll and walked out. I couldn't wait any longer.

Cinnamon Roll - Tasted fresh, but it wasn't the best I've ever had. Just your average homemade cinnamon roll.

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