Sunday, April 7, 2013

Los Paisas - Charlotte, NC

4/7/13 Dinner

Typical Columbian Platter - red beans, grilled beef, crackling pork, rice, egg over easy, plantains, avocado and fresh corn tortilla

Blood Sausage - Morcilla - moist blend of sausage and rice.

The highlights of this meal were the grilled beef, crackling pork and the blood sausage. Typically the gilled beef at restaurants like this is dry and rubbery. Los Paisas cooked the thin steak perfectly. If you've never had pork crackling in a restaurant, it's something unique and delicious.

The morcilla sausage is something that most people don't know about and/or won't try, but if you do, you'll always look for it. This sausage is cooked in the blood of the animal it comes from and stuffed with rice.

Overall, this place offered good Columbian food.

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