Saturday, June 30, 2012

Annie Gunn's - The Smokehouse - St. Louis, MO

Date Visited:  6/30/2012 - Lunch

Upscale local restaurant.  Same class as Blackfinn, J. Alexanders, Capital Grille, etc.
Wait staff very knowledgeable and friendly (Brett)

Items Ordered:
Appetizer: Smoked Shrimp
Meal: The Classic Burger
Dessert: Bread Pudding

Beverage: Iced tea...not sweet, not in the south anymore, but I didn't want the sugar to alter my taste buds for the meal.

Shrimp - cold smoked, semi sweet, succulent, jumbo shrimp with maple glaze.  KC style BBQ sauce on side.  Black bean salsa was refreshing and light.  Al-dente, room temperature beans.  Whoever thought of this appetizer is a genius!  You won't want to share with anyone else. 

Burger - hearty thick burger with mild, even, beef flavor, not overly seasoned.  Wheat bun a little thick.  Fries were crispy and perfect.  Mustard based dipping sauce was delicate.

Bread pudding with makers mark caramel sauce.  Bread light and airy, not characteristic of a bread pudding, but tasty all the same.  Whisky adds nice tang to the caramel sauce, and infiltrates the banana slices that swim in the bowl.

Smoked Jumbo Shrimp with Black Bean Salsa

The Classic Burger with Fries

Maker's Mark Bread Pudding

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