Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shrimp Daddy's - Sunrise Beach, MO

Dinner 11/17/12

Red beans and rice - Basic ingredients, but full of flavor.  It tasted like this dish had been cooking on the stove all day.

Gumbo - Chicken and New Orleans Andouille sausage. The French bread was crunchy and buttery. The gumbo had a dark a roux it was very flavorful.

French-uletta - Chisesi ham, Genoa Salami. Pastrami. Swiss and provolone cheese. Olive salad on french bread. This had to be the best "Muffeletta" I've ever eaten. Dean, the owner, said that he likes to be able to taste the meat, not just the olive salad. This sandwich was well balanced with meat, cheese, and olives.

Shrimp Po boy - The Shrimp were large and tender and perfectly breaded. The Remoulade sauce was a great compliment to the sandwich. The crisp and flaky French bread took me back to New Orleans. Dean said that he drives down to N.O. every month to get fresh shrimp off the dock.

Gooey Butter Cake - Creamy top with a yellow cake bottom.  Very good!

Lagniappe - "A little something extra" - These pecan muffins are given at the end of each meal, following the New Orleans tradition.

Jessica, our server said she moved from Chicago and this was the only place she'd eat when she got here.  It didn't take long for her to realize that she'd love to work here.  Thanks to the efforts that Dean and his wife put into Shrimp Daddy's, this place would do well even in New Orleans!

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  1. We went there four times this past week while on vacation. We fell in love with the food and Dean and Jessica, one of our servers. We decided we had to take some home to the family to try so they packed up a box for us. Nobody was disappointed! We will make it a point to always eat there and spread the word to everyone we know who will be in the area.