Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pi Pizzaria - St. Louis, MO

Dinner 12/30/12

Chips and Dip - Homemade French Onion dip with fresh potato chips Makes this appetizer a nice starter.

House Salad - Artisan lettuce, Walnuts, Gorgonzola, and the house Vinaigrette all make for a Unique and tasty Salad. If you don't like Onions, let them Know when you order, because the onions are very prominent.

South Side Classico Deep Dish - The buttery, cornmeal crust was not too heavy, which allowed for the sauce and toppings to share the spotlight. Each bite contained a tasted of all of the elements, and was a real treat for the taste buds.

Central West End Thin Crust Pizza - This light pizza had a delightful cornmeal crust and bold flavors in the prosciutto and goat cheese. Surprisingly, I liked this one better than the deep dish, although both were delicious!
Schafly Kolsch Beer - nice crisp, clean taste with a surprisingly Smooth finish.

Apple Pi - A decadent apple pie slice made in the same cornmeal crust as the deep dish pizza.  It was topped with a maple ice cream. If you like apple pie, you will absolutely LOVE this Pi!

Double Chocolate brownie - This rich, chocolaty brownie has morsels of chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle alongside vanilla ice cream.    

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