Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buddys Pizzaria - Livonia, MI

Dinner 9/18

Atwater brewery (Detroit brewing company) Dirty Blonde.- the orange peel and coriander flavors make it taste like a citrus wheat beer, but it's an ale. Very crisp.

Antipasto w/ Buddy's famous vinaigrette - meaty and cheesy salad with the true Italian flavors of New York’s Little Italy.

The Detroiter - 2 Slice - Crispy, golden, buttery crust. Pure cheese. Crispy and flavorful pepperonis. Tomato basil sauce tastes fresh and herby. I can see why this place is rated in the top five in America for its pizza.
The Henry Ford pizza - tomato basil sauce, crispy bacon crumbles, red onions, and bleu cheese. Utterly delicious.

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