Monday, September 17, 2012

Joe Muer Seafood - Detroit, MI

Dinner 9/17

With the complementary bread comes:
House smoked bluefish pate - gentle smoke and gentle fish flavor in this creamy pate.
Northern white beans, parsley, red pepper, onions. Light vinaigrette and tender white beans. The onions make there presence known, but are snuffed with the vinegar.

Mazrick - – (Ketel One vodka, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Cointreau, Di Saonno, Galliano, and Angostura bitters) - orange and lemon, flavor masking a bold vodka mix. Smooth and Right!

Soups a la Muer (soup sampler):
Boston clam chowder - soft and creamy with hearty chunks of potatoes.
Manhattan fish chowder - Bloody Mary meets soup. Spicy tomato broth with a faint fish flavor.
Lobster bisque - deep roux flavor in the broth. Healthy portion of buttery lobster claw meat.

Oyster sampler:
Malpeque – Canada
Beausoleil – Canada
Kumomoto – Pacific – Very small and full of briny flavor
Rappahannock – East Coast (Chesapeake) – Large, plump oyster with mild saltiness
Well Fleet – East Coast (Rhode Island)
Stingray – East Coast (Chesapeake) - Large, plump oyster with mild saltiness

Dover sole - buttery, tender fish. filleted tableside. The most delicious fish I’ve ever had. If this had been a steakhouse, this fish would have been the filet mignon. (*the picture was taken after tehy filleted it tableside)

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