Friday, September 21, 2012

Battle of the Coneys - Detroit, MI

Lafayette Coney Island
Cash only

Hot dog, chili, onions, mustard, cheese. 
Crunchy outside, nice dog taste. Chili is outstanding. The atmosphere is the experience factor for this place. Nobody greets you…just find an empty stool or table, wait for someone to come over, and know what you want.  Here’s the breakdown…they serve hot dogs, burger dogs, fries, and coke.  Still need a menu?  If you get a seat next to the cook, watch this old man slingin’ chili and onions on the dogs.  He loaded up 5 before I could have done one.

American Coney Island

American Special Coney - hot dog with ground beef, chili, mustard, onion.  (*I forgot to take the picture before I bit into it.)
The hotdog was good, but the chili wasn’t the best.  The atmosphere was more of a sit-down restaurant with servers.

The winner of the “Best Coney” goes to Lafayette Coney Island

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