Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Michael Symon's "Roast" - Detroit, MI

Dinner 9/19/12

Forbidden Fruit cocktail - strong, yet smooth. Has a crisp fruit initial flavor and a molasses aftertaste.

Fried sweetbreads - So me being the naive Southern boy from North Florida, I read this on the menu and thought I would be ordering "fried bread" Instead what I got were some fried, tender, and flavorful pieces of meat. I was not disappointed but I wanted to know what it was I was eating. After a quick Google search from my phone, I realized it was...

Scallops - large, sweet, tender scallops. Herby and bacon flavored cream corn.

Ribeye - Not your typical American ribeye. The meat was great, but the seasonings and toppings made it taste lighter than the butter topped Ruth's Chris steak. Ultimately, I think I like the buttered steak better....everything tastes better with butter!

Soft Polenta - made with cream, butter, milk, molasses, and honey. It was better than any southern grits I’ve ever had. Awesome!

Almond cake - poached pears and banana caramel sauce. Dense cake, Christmas tasting pears, and walnut brittle. The banana caramel sauce is laced with a liqueur.

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