Saturday, July 28, 2012

Food Glorious Food - Tallahassee, FL

Dinner 7/28/12

Shock Top Lemon Shanty beer
FGF potato chips with bechamel sauce and blue cheese crumbles
Pan fried grouper with collard greens and cheese grits
Gnocchi with bacon and cheese grits
Zucchini fries
Cranberry Bread Pudding
Hummingbird Cake

Beer - I've had Shock Top wheat beer before, but the Lemon Shanty added a whole new dimension to this wheat brand.  The lemon allowed the heavier wheat beer to leave me refreshed.

Chips - fresh potato chips, onion flavored cheese sauce, tangy blue cheese crumbles.  Light and delicious.

Gnocchi - like eating bacon and cheesy hashbrowns in the morning.  A little too salty, but great flavor.

Grouper - bold collard green flavor with a flaky, buttery pan fried fish.  It's topped with shoestring potatoes and sitting in a bed of cheesy grits.  Nice meld of flavors.

Zucchini fries - exactly how you would imagine fresh zucchini in an onion ring batter and then deep fried.

Cranberry Bread Pudding - Dense bread pudding drizzled with caramel and sitting on a lake of Vanilla creme anglaise.

Hummingbird Cake - If you have never had one of these, you have no idea what you are missing.  It's best described as a banana bread cake with cream cheese icing.  FGF has the best around!

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