Friday, July 20, 2012

Sushi Mido - Shawnee, KS

Dinner 7/20/12

Rock 'N Roll
Samurai Roll
Dinosaur Roll
K.C. Chief's Roll

So as I looked for other sushi places in the KC area, that serve "my" type of sushi, I found Sushi Mido.  What I did not know was that they offer AYCE (All you can eat) sushi rolls for $18.99.  So first, let me explain what "my" type of sushi is.  I like all of my seafood cooked.  Furthermore, I enjoy rolls that are deep-fried and have shrimp or crab in them.  Alternately, if they are not deep fried, topped with avocado is good too.  I was skeptical that an AYCE sushi place would have low quality rolls, but was pleasantly surprised.

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