Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hayward's Pit BBQ - Overland Park, KS

7/18/12 - Lunch

Burnt Ends and Sausage Sampler
Mac n Cheese
Fried Okra

This was a recommendation from a co-worker who raved about the BBQ.

The burnt ends were charred and hard to eat.  I've had beef jerky that was more tender.  Thhough the sausage had good flavor, the sauce almost tasted like a marinara sauce.  For a place known for BBQ, you don't expect to have Italian sausage.

The Mac n Cheese was boxed, Kraft, Mac n Cheese.  Though I really like Kraft's M&C, I don't want to pay $4 for an Easy Mac portion at a restaurant.

The Fried okra was good...though it's hard to mess up fried okra.

I won't be going back here.

Burnt ends, sausage, fried okra, and Kraft Mac n Cheese

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